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SubjectRe: Soft-Updates for Linux ?
Andi Kleen wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 03:33:54PM +0200, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > The tricky part of the crash simulator would be recovering the resources
> > the filesystem was using and convincing the VFS to let go of the the
> > partition. If you could return the system to a stable state you could
> > do many, many more test runs in the same time. Maybe VMWare could help
> > here.
> User-Mode-Linux would probably be the better choice. You simply crash the
> kernel with a few kills.

I think you are right. Last time I looked UML didn't support modules
and now it does. This looks like a really lightweight solution for 90%
of my filesystem development. I'm starting to get a little bored with
the crash and burn, repeat as necessary approach :-)

> It is also free unlike VMWare.

Yes, that matters to me. I would have mentioned Plex86 except it's not
quite there yet, though it's looking really good. I'm really blown away
by what that group is doing - it's like the inside of a transmeta chip.
They have to work around a lot of extreme braindeadness in the x86
design and they do it by analyzing and rewriting code on the fly, then
they have to make it look like they never did that, in case the code is
checksumming itself, and so on, yikes.

I think VMWare is really a good product, and it's there now. They make
it really easy for Windows users to get free. I support them. If they
are smart they will open up eventually, and if they are not smart, well,
that's what natural selection is for.

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