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SubjectRe: serial driver problems?
On Mon, 02 Oct 2000, Ben Marsh wrote:

> I have a Banksia iTra8 8 port internal ISA modem card (UART 16654) for dial
> up access. To get the modem card to work I was told to replace serial.c and
> SerialP.h from 2.2.x kernel source (used 2.2.14-12) and compile a kernel.

Hum. Tytso has his serial drivers at and an accompanying, updated
setserial at (note sure if
you need these). Work for me (16750 UARTS here).

You can compile the serial driver either by copying files into the
kernel source or separately from the kernel (you only need to have the
*configured* kernel at /usr/src/linux; symlink if it's not there), but
watch out, it replaces your serial SysV init script
(/etc/rc.d/init.d/serial or /sbin/init.d/serial).

Please also make sure your kernel is 2.2.16 or .17 for security reasons.

For your convenience, if you're using 2.2.17, check out - there is a
PATCHES-ma2 file and a patch-2.2.17-ma2.bz2. The first describes what
patches I have collected in the second file (quite a lot, IDE, I²C among
them). It is meant to be applied on top of a linux 2.2.17.

> Do you need any files? I am unclear on which files to send you guys. Who is
> the maintainer of the serial code?

Try the updated serial driver from first. Patching old
drivers into new kernels is usually not a good idea.

Matthias Andree
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