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Subjecttest9-pre7 still truncate/ext2 corruption/system hang bugs

I've had reproduceable and repeatable problems with test9 -most of them-
that always leave my laptop stuck. Only sysrq-o seems to respond.

It seems it is related to the truncate proble that arised in test7 series.

When I'm reading my email in an xterm with pine and I expunge a mailbox,
if I'm too fast with my fingers and click several keys in advance -like
the down arrow to check for new email- the system stop working. No oops,
now working keybord, only rebooting through magic key.

I've reproduced it like 20 times, every time I boot with test9-pre7 or
less. test8 doesn't seem to have the same problem.

I'm going to compile test9-pre8, but I haven't seen any change that seems
related to this bug.

If someone needs debugging, please provide me with the proper patch or
instructions as I cannot get any oops. I'll carry on the necessary tests.


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