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SubjectRe: [ADMIN] some list related topics ..

I'll go look up the U.S.C codes for the crime. It's been about three
years since I did
anything with email abuse, but I do remember us aiding the FBI in some
cases in SLC and the exact code does not come to mind, but I know it's
there -- we've defended some folks who were accused of it in Provo.

I'll get the info and post later today.


Alan Shutko wrote:
> "Jeff V. Merkey" <> writes:
> > I am not the damaged party, so I should not, but interfereing with
> > email routing is a serious crime in the US, BTW.
> First, since when? Postal mail, yes. But when did that happen for
> email?
> Second, it wasn't clear to me whether this was a case of someone
> intercepting someone else's mail and sending it to an autoresponder,
> or someone foolishly setting up their own autoresponder. If rerouting
> your own mail is a crime, I think most people on this list will be in
> serious trouble.
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