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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18pre17

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> This is just to give folks something to sync against. Test it by all means
> however.
> Must fix stuff left to do for 2.2.18final
> - Merge the S/390 stuff and make S/390 build again
> - Fix the megaraid (revert if need be)
> - Fix the ps/2 misdetect bug that has appeared
> - NFSv3 hang report
> - Get to the bottom of the VM mystery if possible
> 2.2.18pre17
> o Move a few escaped m68k headers into the right (me)
> directory
> o Backport 2.4 AF_UNIX garbage collect speedups (Dave Miller)
> o TCP fixes for NFS (Saadia Khan)
> o Fix USB audio hangs (David Woodhouse)
> o Sparc64 dcache and exec fixes (Dave Miller)
> o Fix typing crap in divert.h (Jeff Garzik)
> o Use pkt_type in diverter, add maintainer info (Dave Miller)
> o Fix obscure NAT problem in FIB code (Dave Miller)
> o Fix sk->allocation in TCP sendmsg (Marcelo Tossati)

This TCP fix was done by davem.

Any reason why the nbd fix was not included?


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