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SubjectProposal: driver initialization pipelining
Linux already boots fairly quickly, but there seems to be one
straightforward way to speed it up a little more: pipelining.

The idea is to split the initialization of drivers into two routines.
This is only useful for drivers that reset hardware and then wait a
while before continuing. My thought is: during that time, other drivers
could work.

If we split the initialization into one "trigger the reset" routine and
one "do the rest" routine, we could interleave initializations by first
calling all the reset routines, then doing some static initializations
and then call all the second halves of the initialization. Particularly
SCSI and IDE scans need noticeable time and could possibly be done in
parallel with the USB init, right?

This is just a quick idea.
If the whole concept is broken, please just say so. No need to start a
monster thread about this.

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