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SubjectGPL rewording fixes
I'm progressing on the GPL license "wording" fixes however the
patch files are > 150k and likely will get larger as I hand fine
tune things to keep things neat.

What is the preferred method of doing this? Would one big "fix
all license statements" patch be preferred, or multiple "fix this
little bit", "fix that little bit" patches be preferred?

What is the largest size patch I should post here, and to others,
and also, should I go one subsys at a time, and send patches to
individual maintainers also?

It could be a lot of work to do all that, so I'd prefer to have
one big patch, or a few smaller ones, and just submit to
Linus/Alan if possible.

So far, here is a crappy perl script which is doing a good job so
far albeit slow, please feel free to optimize this or add stuff to

use strict;
use diagnostics;

my(@filelist, $file);

print "$ARGV[0]\n";
@filelist = (`grep -irl "GNU Public Licen[cs]e" $ARGV[0]`);

foreach $file (@filelist)
chomp $file;
rename("$file", "${file}.orig");

print("Processing: $file\n");

open(INFILE, "<${file}.orig") or die("Can't open ${file}.orig\n");
open(OUTFILE, ">${file}") or die("Can't open ${file}\n");
s/GNU Public Licen[cs]e/GNU General Public License/gi;

Again, after running gendiff, this spit out a patch:
-rw-rw---- 1 mharris 173980 Oct 17 06:58 patch-gpl1-2.4.0test9.diff

Feel free to send any suggestions, ideas, comments, flames,
money, dancing girls, computer parts, etc..

Mike A. Harris - Linux advocate - Open source advocate
Computer Consultant - Capslock Consulting
Copyright 2000 all rights reserved

So, if anybody wants to have free hardware sent to them, don't call me, but
instead write your own operating system. It has worked every time for me.

Linus Torvalds

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