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SubjectRe: [BUG]: Ext2 Corruption in test10pre3 (incl. Oops)
Alexander Viro wrote:
> See another posting. More or less the same analysis. I don't see
> where it came from and it smells funny - looks like a loss of ->b_count
> _or_ an active page returned by alloc_page() (to grow_buffers()). I
> wouldn't exclude the latter, BTW, but then I'm still not too familiar with
> Rik's changes to VM, so it's just a nodding to the area I don't grok right
> now.
> > Udo, any idea what you are doing differently than anybody else to see
> > this thing? Any special usage patterns that seem to bring on the trouble?
> BTW, sorry for a stupid question, but... was it the first oops? If it was
> an aftermath of something else...

X wasn't executing any commands anymore, so I switched over to a text console
and dmesg only showed this one oops after the bootup stuff. Your guess that
there might be memory corruption somewhere is probably not too far off, because
I occasionally have a broken ld-cache, in which case several programs suddenly
stop working. Running "ldconfig" immediately fixes that problem.

Whether it's VM-related or broken ram I cannot say, although I'd bet that
it's the former.

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