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SubjectRe: fairly hard XFree86 related crash in 2.4.0-test8+
On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 00:22:06 -0500, wrote:
>My main question is how do I go about debugging a problem which locks
>up my system? (or at least the video card) I would like to be able to
>get some more info so I can really tell you what is going on. Anyway

Apply the relevant kernel debugger patch from Compile your kernel
with NMI oopser for uniprocessor, kdb and serial console. Run a null
modem to a second machine (Documentation/serial-console.txt), capture
the output on the second machine.

Reproduce the problem. If the machine is running at all then the NMI
oopser for UP will trip after 5 seconds, if the oopser does not trip
then enter control/A on the serial console. In either case you can use
kdb over the serial console to see what the system is doing. Odds are
it is spinning on a lock somewhere.

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