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SubjectRe: UMSDOS Problem with test10-pre2

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and you're right: it booted normally and
then gave me an oops. For now, I've managed to get my network card "sort of"
working with 2.3.51, and I'm going to try to resolve the remaining problems with
that. Also, now that I know it's a umsdos problem and not my configuration that
caused the problem, I intend to start looking at the umsdos code and see what I
can do. If all else fails, I'll just have to cross my fingers for luck, run
fips and fdisk on my drive and create an ext2 partition for Linux. (I've done
this a number of times before on other systems with no problem at all, but it
seems the probability of failure increases in direct proportion to the
importance of the consequences.)


Andrzej Krzysztofowicz <> on 10/14/2000 09:33:08 AM

Please respond to

To: Wayne Brown/Corporate/Altec@Altec

Subject: Re: UMSDOS Problem with test10-pre2

UMSDOS is broken in 2.4 in few places.

You can try to change link sequence by placing
in fs/Makefile.

Then you'll get UMSDOS being registered, and possibly an oops

As I remember, the pseudo-root feature doesn't work
(Certainly it did not work in test7 and I did not notice any patch for
it since that time)

Seems that it is unmaintained at the moment...

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