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SubjectWeird Interfaces
I'm in serious trouble right now.
I built a firewall with the 2.2.x kernel (with ipchains + masquerading
+ ipip tunnel).
If I try to connect to my firewall from another computer(inner or outer
net) , sometimes (50%, what else??) the 'wrong' interface answers (my
firewall detects packets for the ethX on ethY). Now, there comes the
strange thing: When I connect from the firewall to any other computer
(inner or outer net), there's the same behaviour.
This happens only if the connections are 'expired', if there's no
connection to or from firewall shown in arp tables anymore.
When I set the arp tables on the other machines by hand, there's no
problem at all, but I can't do it, too many computers.
I think it has something to do with the fact, that the 2 logical nets
(inner and outer) are not divided physical(the packets are traversed
through the same switches), and the NIC'S in the firewall are identical.
(Intel EEPRO100 (with GD82559 chip), formerly SMC Etherpower 100(with
83c170 chip), but same behaviour with these)
My kernel versions are 2.2.16 on the one firewall and 2.2.17 on the
other (the tunnel is between these two)

Thanx in advance,

Peter Zimmer

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