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SubjectRe:Lancewood layout info
Michael O'Donnell writes:
> I'm chasing (what appears to be) an interrupt-
> related problem that involves an Intel Lancewood
> SMP motherboard and I'd like to get my hands on
> something like a schematic or any other document
> that details the layout. Is this info available?

Some lancewood MotherBoards are buggy ,
depending on the Firware/Hardware revision.

Symptom is : plugging a PCI card on slot 5 or 6 totally freeze the
machine after some time.

(Our L440 had a 100 Mbit/s 3com CARD , and the freeze was
everyday... before I figure it was an hardware problem)

Solution :
1) Don't plug anything there :)
2) an updated bios enable a workaround (but I imagine , at a
performance price)

You can have all the info on intel web site. (PDF describing the problem)

Yann Dupont.
\|/ ____ \|/ Fac. des sciences de Nantes-Linux-Python-IPv6-ATM-BONOM....
"@'/ ,. \@" Tel :(+33) [0]251125865(AM)[0]251125857(PM)[0]251125868(Fax)
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