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SubjectRe: 2.4 switches eth0 and eth1 from 2.2
This is happening on exactly the same box. Both kernels have the drivers 
compiled in.

Thanks for the link to nameif. I'll try it.

>From: Andi Kleen <>
>To: The Shadow's Hand <>
>Subject: Re: 2.4 switches eth0 and eth1 from 2.2
>Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 04:30:05 +0200
>On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 08:51:08PM -0400, The Shadow's Hand wrote:
> > I've got an Asus P2B-L mobo, which has an integrated eepro100, and an
> > DEC Tulip PCI card. I've been running 2.2.16. To use a new ATA/100 card
> > I tried 2.4-test10-pre3.
> >
> > All worked well, indeed very well, except 2.4 switched eth0 and eth1
> > from 2.2.x. That is, the Tulip became eth0, rather than eth1 and the
> > eepro100 became eth1.
> >
> > It took me a looong time to figure out the problem. I spent hours
> > figuring I had driver trouble. Once seen, easily fixed. But even then,
> > it's a pain to boot 2.2.x.
> >
> > Now I find that ether= won't work for PCI cards ( the Ethernet HOWTO
> > needs to be corrected )!!
> >
> > This is an odd sort of bug ( feature? ) that will drive users of
> > multi-nic machines nuts when 2.4 is rolled out. Hopefully it's only for
> > my sort of setup.
>There are lots of ways how the network interface name can change when you
>change kernel configuration (especially between hand loaded modules and
>various kernels or when you switch the hd between different boxes with
>multiple NICs)
>You can always use nameif (
>to avoid such nasty surprises. It is a small tool I wrote some months ago
>because I was often plagued by this problem. You give it a file with MAC
>addresses and device names, and it renames the network interfaces for you
>This needs to be done before they're UP.
>You can even use it for logical naming, e.g. myhomenet0

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