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SubjectRe: IDE-cd problem with 2.4-test9


Who owns the EOI and APIC code this week? (Peter Anvin? I think). Looks
like we've got
a problem down in the interrupt subsystem somewhere -- Bruno is seeing
RX errors on the ethernet card when ide-scsi goes south for the winter.
Forwaring to Andre and Jens ...


Bruno Boettcher wrote:
> > I am looking into this, and it really is looking like there's a low
> > level driver bug somewhere either EIOing an interrupt twice, or missing
> > one. Were you doing Network I/O at the time? Check 'ifconfig' when you
> the machine is also my local masquerade server.... there are 2 ehternet
> cards... and yes they show errors, but to know if they are related to my
> ide problem....
> > get the errors and see if there were any RX errors reported by the LAN
> > card when the ide-scsi problems show up. I am seeing it here, and it is
> > looking like a device is missing an interrupt, and/or another device is
> > getting it. Could also be a bug in the APIC code as well.
> i also have the problem in ide only....
> i tryed to mount a iso filesystem using the ide-cd module, but the whole
> system doesn't find the cd, when the module loads, there's no report on
> found devices, it should at least sho up some sort of info about the CD
> rom shouldn't it?
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