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SubjectRe: IDE-cd problem with 2.4-test9
Bruno Boettcher wrote:

> hello,
> strange thing, wanted to burn some data ... but i do not see the CD
> anymore.... tryed to use the CD in ide-mode.... nothing...

Same problem I have. I used to work for me and I have not changed anything.
But other people are complaining on problems to burn faster than speed=4 and
I can't even see the drive ??

On the other hand I can mount the drive as a ide-cd something I guess should
not be possible if the ide-scsi thing really worked.
I just classified it as a user error. hmm this is what I get in my log.
automount[199]: attempting to mount entry /amnt/cd1
automount[664]: lookup(file): looking up cd1
automount[664]: lookup(file): cd1 -> -fstype=iso9660,ro^I:/dev/sr1
automount[664]: expanded entry: -fstype=iso9660,ro^I:/dev/sr1
automount[664]: parse(sun): gathered options: fstype=iso9660,ro
automount[664]: parse(sun): core of entry: /dev/sr1
automount[664]: do_mount /dev/sr1 /amnt/cd1 type iso9660 options ro using
module generic
automount[664]: mount(generic): calling mkdir /amnt/cd1
automount[664]: mount(generic): calling mount -t iso9660 -s -o ro /dev/sr1
automount[664]: >> mount: /dev/sr1 has wrong major or minor number
automount[664]: mount(generic): failed to mount /dev/sr1 (type iso9660) on

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