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SubjectRe: [Criticism]C++ Flamewar
Keith Owens wrote:
> Interesting concept, linking a module with libg++. Would that be a
> dynamic or static link?
> If it is dynamic then you can absolutely forget about loading the
> module into the kernel, there is no way that modutils will ever support
> that. If it is a static link then every module has its own private
> copy of libg++, that would introduce more than a little kernel bloat.
> How big is a static copy of libg++ these days? The thought of two or
> more modules each with a static copy of libg++ but running in the same
> kernel address space gives me the shivers.
If you want libg++ in kernel modules, create a libg++ module. All
c++ modules may then use that module. This is effectively dynamic
linking, kernel style.

I prefer C, though.

Helge Hafting
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