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SubjectRe: IDE-cd problem with 2.4-test9
> I am looking into this, and it really is looking like there's a low
> level driver bug somewhere either EIOing an interrupt twice, or missing
> one. Were you doing Network I/O at the time? Check 'ifconfig' when you
the machine is also my local masquerade server.... there are 2 ehternet
cards... and yes they show errors, but to know if they are related to my
ide problem....

> get the errors and see if there were any RX errors reported by the LAN
> card when the ide-scsi problems show up. I am seeing it here, and it is
> looking like a device is missing an interrupt, and/or another device is
> getting it. Could also be a bug in the APIC code as well.
i also have the problem in ide only....
i tryed to mount a iso filesystem using the ide-cd module, but the whole
system doesn't find the cd, when the module loads, there's no report on
found devices, it should at least sho up some sort of info about the CD
rom shouldn't it?

ciao bboett
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