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SubjectRe: Device Driver

> >Every closed source piece of software is unacceptable in a standard kernel
> >:
> >
> >-hh We can't debug it
> >- We depend on the guys / girls that maintain the binary image
> >- It's a security risk.
> >
> Aren't there other examples where firmware is supplied in a struct
> which is initialized to the needed binary values? Seems like Linux
> doesn't need every bit of source (probably for some completely other
> processor or ASIC, maybe written in FORTH) included as part of the
> kernel.

Possible, off course. Binary firmware probably the one being least to
worry about. Binary modules can't be debugged, en god knows what's in

The last sentence also plays with firmware, who nows what influence it has
on the system. I don't trust thing I don't have the source of.

> johnh


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