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SubjectRe: ppp support in kernel

You could do what I do with my ThinkPad 600X and Lucent modem, which is to keep
a 2.2.14 kernel available just for using the modem. Both lilo and loadlin offer
the capability of having a selection of kernels available. In fact, I usually
have at least three or four versions from which to choose. The most recent
modutils, binutils, etc. seem to work fine with all of them. Of course, it's
inconvenient to reboot if I happen to be in something other than 2.2.14 and need
to use the modem, but most of the time when I turn on the laptop I already know
which kernel I'll need for that work session. My most common scenario is to
boot into 2.2.14, go online and download a patch, apply it and recompile, and
reboot into the new version. With a little planning I get all my online work
done before the reboot.

It's not an ideal solution, but with that &%$^@*! binary-only Lucent driver it's
the best I've found so far.


Chuck Radcliff <> on 10/16/2000 09:55:05 AM

cc: (bcc: Wayne Brown/Corporate/Altec)

Subject: ppp support in kernel

Hello all,

I am trying to work out a problem that I will run into if I go to a
newer kernel then 2.2.14. I am using a lucent modem in a toshiba
satellite laptop. Lucent released a bianary driver for 2.2.12 that works
with 2.2.14. To make it work with 2.2.15 or higher, you have to use a
script i found to mask a 2.2.14 ppp module as one for the higher kernel.

My question is, is there any plan in the futrue to try and remidy this
in the kernel?

I have read that this process will not work with 2.4.0 so it seems that
one of two things will have to happen...either it gets resolved in the
kernel or I buy a modem card and stick it in a slot (which I am trying
to avoid).

Any idea on this? Any suggestions?


Chuck Radcliff
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