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SubjectRe: [Criticism] On the discussion about C++ modules

Tell you what. You should go look into the Chorus or TMOK projects that
are based on C++ and pester them. Next you'll be telling me that IDL
and Corba stubs in every layer of the OS are in order and won't hurt
performance. I did this OOM mental mastrubation excercise with the USL
folks 7 years ago at Novell and sat in lots of design reviews of C++
kernel code for Unixware and we had so many offsites on this crap, I saw
the NOvell campus about once every two weeks in between political
meetings with Art Sabsevitch and his USL buddies. We wasted two years
of time, spend 375 million dollars on the C++ modular kernel projects,
and ended up with a pile of crappy Chorus code that was unsellable and
shitty. You should go over to the Chorus group with your ideas about
C++ kernels. They will listen to you because they believe their own BS
about C++ kernel development -- you'll be right at home...



Eray Ozkural wrote:
> "Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> >
> > Not meant to offend, but it's obvious you are not grasping hardware
> > optimization issues relative to kernel development and performance. I
> > would recommend getting your hands on a bus analyzer, and testing out
> > some of your theories, and explore for yourself relative to these issues
> > with some hard numbers.
> >
> > :-)
> >
> In the days we coded demos in assembly, we didn't used to need
> bus analyzers. I saw each unit flood with current as I coded. :)
> Anyway, kernel code is not different from any other code. It is
> profiled and analyzed just the same way. Software engineers
> don't analyze the code that way, you just do time and space
> complexity analysis. For high performance applications, you can
> do an analysis that takes into account memory fetches, etc. Then, you
> perform an empirical analysis _after_ theoretical measures have
> been taken (ie, you have done a correct design regarding efficiency)
> This usually corresponds to profiling using features of compiler
> and your program. For realtime tasks, it's more difficult to do
> a right analysis.
> You still sound like a physicist or an EE person. :) Get a copy
> of "The Art of Computer Programming". :)
> --
> Eray (exa) Ozkural
> Comp. Sci. Dept., Bilkent University, Ankara
> e-mail:
> www:
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