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SubjectRe: failure to blank CDRWs (2.2.18pre15 smp ide-scsi hp7100i)
Mark Cooke wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Andre Hedrick wrote:
> > Yes but there is a way to do this directly now, the question is can the
> > user-space apps change to go both ways.
> Hi Andre,
> Is there any tool / test code that you know of to 'do this directly' -
> I'm wanting to try to avoid ade-scsi translation, and show the drive's
> still working okay for blanking. One less variable in the soup to
> worry about then.

As far as I know, cdrecord interfaces to Linux either
via the sg or pg devices. No-one would be happier than
I if cdrecord bypassed the sg driver and spoke to the
cdrom driver directly. I know the CDROM_SEND_PACKET
ioctl() is in place for lk 2.4 but from which version
has it been functional in the lk 2.2 series?

Jens, do you know of some example code that shows the
CDROM_SEND_PACKET ioctl being exercised for non-trivial
work? Something that could be sent onto Joerg Schilling.

> Aside: Browsing through the cdrecord 10a4 source does flag a specific
> note in the mmc driver about ATIP not being supported on the 7100, but
> seems to suggest that a failure to read the ATIP data's non-fatal...

Sg has an ioctl called SG_SET_TRANSFORM which is only
relevant to the ide-scsi driver. As far as I know, no
applications use it. Still it is not clear why Mark's
system would work on a UP machine but fail on a SMP box.

Doug Gilbert
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