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SubjectRe: failure to blank CDRWs (2.2.18pre15 smp ide-scsi hp7100i)
On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
>> Umm, doesn't cdrecord know how to address IDE devices directly?
>IDE cd burners talk ATAPI. ATAPI is just a scsi variant. SCSI won the battle
>at the protocol level

Yeah yeah yeah. What I meant was "you don't have to use ide-scsi." However,
after reading the notes for the latest cdrecord, it does use ide-scsi. In
theory, it doesn't _have_ to as you can send packet commands directly to
CD-ROM devices (ide disks and floppies, saddly cannot -- how the f*** am
I supposed to format a floppy?)

There are specific notes about the HP 7100 drives not working corectly due
to bad command translations. That was supposed to have been fixed years


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