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SubjectRe: BLKSSZGET change will break fdisk

> Concerning fdisk, luckily you are mistaken - its source says
> #if defined(BLKSSZGET) && defined(HAVE_blkpg_h)
> so that it will not use the broken BLKSSZGET of 2.2.

??? BLKSSZGET has exactly the same ioctl number in 2.2 and 2.4, so if I
compile fdisk under 2.4 and try to use it under 2.2, it will break. I saw
the above test, but that is a compile time check not a run time check. Am
I missing something here?
BTW the problem is a bit bigger, I tried to partition a 4GB mo disk, what
horribly breaks with current fdisk under 2.2. It results in an odd
partition offset and you can't access any partition. So I need a fixed
fdisk. As quick hack I simply reused BLKSSZGET, but now I have a fdisk,
that only works with a fixed kernel.

> [now that you make me look at this, there is a flaw in fdisk there;
> fixed in 2.10p]

BLKSSZGET isn't defined for fdisk.c? :)
BTW sfdisk isn't fixed at all for different sector sizes.

bye, Roman

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