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SubjectRe: top/free and firends in test8
On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 12:23:13AM -0400, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > are there any known issues with programs like top/free etc displaying
> > memory etc used incorrectly... this bis the output from one of our machines
> no. but why ponder: /proc/net/meminfo is the horses mouth.
> > this just seems wrong as this machine *isnt doing anything*. Any pointers
> what's wrong? it looks like a modest amount of ram is in use,
> and there's been some trivial swap space used. the latter is not a problem.

ok just a few things i need to clarify:

1) before upgrading to 2.4.0-testX, the machine was not howing as much
memory used, after performing the same function.
2) there is 0 memory shared, again under 2.2.17 a great majority of any
used memory was shared.
3) this machine has done *nothing*. It is idle. I booted it a day or so
ago, logged in, since then memory has progressively dropped for no apparent

It has been my experience that under 2.4 results from top/free etc are slightly
'worse lookiung' than under 2.2.x but aren't really all that bad. eg: under
2.2.x on my workstation w/128MB of ram, 124MB used would give sluggish
performance under enlightenment, whereas the same case under 2.4 is fine, but
my boss isnt convinced. If the general consensus is that this is fine, ill take
it as gospel ;).
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