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SubjectRe: BLKSSZGET change will break fdisk
On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 08:04:27PM +0200, Roman Zippel wrote:

> I noticed that behaviour of BLKSSZGET changed between 2.2 and 2.4. One of
> the users will be fdisk, as soon as it is compiled with 2.4 kernel
> headers, but then fdisk will be no longer usable under 2.2!
> My question now is, wouldn't it be better to use a new ioctl (like
> BLKHSSZGET) and keep the old behaviour of BLKSSZGET?

No, BLKSSZGET has only a single purpose, and it is right in 2.4
and wrong in 2.2. Maybe I should send Alan a BLKSSZGET patch.
We already agreed in email that it was wrong, but then
did not do anything about it.

Concerning fdisk, luckily you are mistaken - its source says

#if defined(BLKSSZGET) && defined(HAVE_blkpg_h)

so that it will not use the broken BLKSSZGET of 2.2.

[now that you make me look at this, there is a flaw in fdisk there;
fixed in 2.10p]

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