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SubjectRe: Problems with Tulip driver in 2.2 and 2.4

I'm seeing a similar problem with the Xircom Realport card
which uses the 'xircom_tulip_cb' driver.


Putting the card into promiscuous mode seems to get it going again.
If feels like (but I haven't investigated further) the ARP table isn't
being updated properly.

This was discovered by finding that running 'tcpdump' on the interface
make it work again.

I (was) using 2.2.17 - which had problems you mentioned (different module).
2.4.0-test9 has the same problem.

Paul Schulz (
Foursticks Systems

"J. S. Connell" <> writes:

> Any time I disconnect and then reconnect the ethernet cable from my Netgear
> FA310TX cards, the card appears to not notice and doesn't reestablish the
> link. Under 2.2.17pre4, the link light comes on, but until I do ifconfig
> ethX down; ifconfig ethX up, the kernel ignores any traffic on that
> interface (tcpdump on both an affected machine and a nonaffected machine
> show the kernel ignoring all incoming traffic, and not sending any traffic
> out.) Under 2.4.0-test9-pre7, however, when I reconnect the ethernet
> cable, the link light does _not_ come on, and nothing short of a reboot
> will bring it back up.
> I'm currently stuck at 2.2.17pre4 because I need André Hedrick's IDE patch,
> which won't apply (except manually) to later 2.2 kernels, and my attempts
> to apply the patch manually have ended in kernels that fail during boot.
> In this system, eth0 is connected to a 10/100 Asanté FriendlyNet 8-port
> switch, and eth1 is connected to an RCA model DCM205 "digital|BROADBAND"
> cablemodem.

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