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SubjectRe: Problems with Tulip driver in 2.2 and 2.4
"J. S. Connell" wrote:
> Any time I disconnect and then reconnect the ethernet cable from my Netgear
> FA310TX cards, the card appears to not notice and doesn't reestablish the
> link. Under 2.2.17pre4, the link light comes on, but until I do ifconfig
> ethX down; ifconfig ethX up, the kernel ignores any traffic on that
> interface (tcpdump on both an affected machine and a nonaffected machine
> show the kernel ignoring all incoming traffic, and not sending any traffic
> out.) Under 2.4.0-test9-pre7, however, when I reconnect the ethernet
> cable, the link light does _not_ come on, and nothing short of a reboot
> will bring it back up.
> I'm currently stuck at 2.2.17pre4 because I need André Hedrick's IDE patch,
> which won't apply (except manually) to later 2.2 kernels, and my attempts
> to apply the patch manually have ended in kernels that fail during boot.

For 2.2.x kernels, grab the latest Don Becker tulip driver from This currently works the best
with FA310TX cards (PNIC chips). Beware -- you need pci-scan.[ch] and
k*.h from the previous dir (/pub/network) in order to build properly.

For 2.4.x kernels, that remains an open bug... I need to merge the bits
from Don Becker's tulip.c driver into 2.4.x. (patches welcome!)


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