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SubjectRe: failure to blank CDRWs (2.2.18pre15 smp ide-scsi hp7100i)

Alan Cox wrote:
> > is in cdrecord itself, since I have seen that if the FIFO ever hits 0%
> > during CD burning, cdrecord has a tendency to bomb. =20
> If you empty the fifo and the drive fifo you burn a coaster. Thats a feature
> of CD burning and one reason I use 640Mb magneto opticals for testing CD
> stuff

It only shows up when burning from a remote volume via NFS where the
server with the burner has the master build tree volume mounted remotely
(we all share the same volume for the Ute Linux base). I have noticed
that if the server gets really busy, the remote NFS ciient with the
burner will drop the FIFO to 0% for a couple of seconds, and cdrecord
will bomb. When we burn test CDs (at the end of each day) we do it when
someone is not doing RPM or kernel builds on the master build server.


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