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SubjectRE: cannot connect to 80 with test9-pre9
> [Mike Jagdis]
> > Is there anyway that we could make ECN enable/disable a flag on a route?
> Would it help? It seems to me that typically, your busiest, best-
> connected routes are the ones where you could derive the most benefit
> from ECN -- and those same routes are where you are likely to find the
> most anti-ECN firewalls.
> In other words, being able to just turn on ECN for localhost and your
> internal network isn't likely to be terribly useful.

Being able to turn ECN on/off for specific routes would be very
useful. Currently we have to turn ECN off for systems connected to
the Internet because there are bad routers out there. But I know
some routes are ok and want the benefit of ECN on them. In future
we should expect to have a situation where increasingly large parts
of the Internet are ECN clean so we would want ECN on by default
but be able to override it for specific routes that are known to


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