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There's a test10-2 out there.

Notable change to people Cc'd on this mail: this contains the fix for the
vmalloc() and ioremap() race condition, which deletes the set_pgdir()
function and instead depends on the page table entries being distributed
to the other page directories automatically. Some architectures can do
this naturally by just sharing the kernrel pgd entries with "init_mm",
others, like the x86, need a dynamic page fault handler path for this.

See the arch/x86/mm/fault.c changes to see what arch-specific changes this
can entail.

Other changes are fairly straightforward..


- pre2:
- remember to change the kernel version ;)
- isapnp.txt bugfix
- ia64 update
- sparc update
- networking update (pppoe init, frame diverter, fix tcp_sendmsg,
fix udp_recvmsg).
- Compile for WinChip must _not_ use "-march=i686". It's a i586.
- Randy Dunlap: more USB updates
- clarify the Firewire AIC-5800 situation. It's not supported yet.
- PCI-space decode size fix. This is needed for some (broken?) hardware
- /proc/self/maps off-by-one error
- 3c501, 3c507, cs89x0 network drivers drop unnecessary check_region
- Asahi Kasei AK4540: new codec ID. Yamaha: new PCI ID's.
- ne2k-pci net driver documentation update
- Paul Gortmaker: delete paranoia check in rtc_exit
- scsi_merge: memset the right amount of memory.
- sun3fb: old __initfunc() not supported any more.
- synclink: remove unnecessary task state games
- xd.c: proper casting for 64-bit architectures
- vmalloc: page table update race condition.

- pre1:
- Roger Larsson: ">=" instead of ">" to make the VM not get stuck.
- Gideon Glass: brw_kiovec() failure case oops fix
- Rik van Riel: better memory balancing and OOM killer
- Ivan Kokshaysky: alpha compile fixes
- Vojtech Pavlik: forgotten ENOUGH macro in via82cxxx ide driver
- Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo: acpi resource leak fix
- Brian Gerst: use mov's instead of xchg in kernel trap entry
- Torben Mathiasen: tlan timer being added twice bug
- Andrzej Krzysztofowicz: config file fixes
- Jean Tourrilhes: Wavelan lockup on SMP fix
- Roman Zippel: initdata must be initialized (even if it is to zero:
gcc is strange)
- Jean Tourrilhes: hp100 driver lockup at startup on SMP
- Russell King: fix silly minixfs uninitialized error bug
- (various): fix uid hashing to use "uid_t" instead of "unsigned short"
- Jaroslav Kysela: isapnp timeout fix. NULL ptr dereference fix.
- Alain Knaff: fdformat should work again.
- Randy Dunlap: USB - fix bluetooth, acm, printer, serial to work
with urb->dev changes.
- Randy Dunlap: USB whiteheat serial driver firmware update.
- Randy Dunlap: USB hub memory corruption and pegasus driver update
- Andre Hedrick: IDE Makefile cleanup

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