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SubjectRe: Updated 2.4 TODO List
On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 02:20:15 +0200, 
Jan Niehusmann <> wrote:
>> argued that critical routines should always be compiled with -i386,
>> unfortunately that includes all of printk and all console handling
>> (both serial and screen), not really an option.
>Neither printk nor console handling should be too performance
>critical, and the performance of console i/o is probably not limited
>by processor speed, so compiling them for i386 should not make a big
>(Note that this is a guess - I did no benchmarks!)

AFAICT, compiling console I/O for -i386 means that all of serial.o must
be compiled with -i386. People with high speed serial links will not
thank you for that.

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