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SubjectRe: K7 on SD11 and 2.2.17: memory not detected
Alan, can we integrate e820 memory detection into 2.2.18 / 2.2.19? The
backport (from 2.4) patch is available at .

It applies cleanly to 2.2.14-2.2.18pre. I have been using it with
2.2.18-pre with good results on Thinkpad 600x. No adverse consequencies
(memory is reported correctly, suspend/hibernate work fine). I also had
a chance to use it on several big SMP and UP servers (where e801 memory
reporting works fine) Intel, Compaqs and IBM. No adverse consequencies
either. What do you say?

Constantine Gavrilov
Unix System Administrator and Programmer
Xpert Integrated Systems
1 Shenkar St, Herzliya 46725, Israel
Phone: (972-8)-952-2361
Fax: (972-9)-952-2366
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