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SubjectRe: tmscsim update for Linux 2.2.18pre15?
Kurt Garloff wrote:

> Actually, 2.0e3 did include one rather important fix which solved the
> trouble: Some devices get upset, when the driver tries to negotiate sync
> (or wide) connections, but the device actually does not support it.
> So, the driver now waits for the first INQUIRY result and parses the
> relevant fields to determine, whether sync should be tried.
> As far as I can conclude from the reports I got since the 2.0e3 release (two
> weeks ago), it solves the remaining issues.

I believe I sent the successful report to Kurt, but just in case,
the latest tmscsim driver from the web page worked just fine.
In my case, it negotiated the sync transfer with the hard disks
successfully while it didn't with the old async CD drive.
Expected correct behavior.
This is with 2.4.0-test9.(Oh, I think when I reported to Kurt, it
was test9-prexxx, but it now works with test-9 on my PC.)

I would like to thank Kurt for continueing to maintain
the old tmscsim driver for the new kernel.

Happy Hacking,

Chiaki Ishikawa

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