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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?

> > They released a supported ex-Cygnus people approved compiler.
> Which still makes it an broken, experimental, unreleased and unofficial
> compiler, with all the consequences I said.

If you really want broken and expirimental stuff go work for M$ or so.

> > to flame SuSE, Conectiva, and especially Mandrake as well - all of them made
> > up of hardworking people trying to do what they think is best for Linux. I
> Indeed. So why does redhat so a remarkably *bad* job at the same? SuSE for
> example did *not* make their distribution incompatible to all others to
> try to tie customers to them.

So everybody their own distribution. I think SuSE sucks, it's
overbloated, the apps are way to old on it, and the installer sucks.

But that doesn't mean I would say 'Do't use SuSE, it's bad.' I last looked
at a version 2 years ago, so things have changed.

> Well, if redhat really tried to do this they failed miserably. OTOH, maybe
> the redhat people doing that were drugged, because every child could
> deduce that using an experimental snapshot that is has a non-fixed and
> changing ABI will not help binary compatibility.
> > Let me metion the Nazi's. Now can the thread die ?
> Aren't you paid by redhat? ;->

Let this thread die. Now.


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