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SubjectRe: where is the kernel debugger?
On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, David Ford wrote:
> Keith Owens wrote:
> >
> >
> > Stay away from 1.5-beta for the moment unless you like debugging the
> > debugger. No patch against 2.4.0-test9-pre7 yet, hopefully later
> > today.
> How broken is it? I have a test9-pre7 system that's exhibits an
> elusive bug, reiserfs hangs at boot time, and all I need is a
> backtrace on the D state processes.

Could be a VM bug. ;)

There are a few VM bugs in test9-pre7; however I think I've
fixed them. If my test box survives an hour of heavy stress
testing I'll post the patch here...

(that'll be in half an hour)

Then of course there's the issue that the new VM may not
work correctly with journaling filesystems because of
independant page aging and page flushing conflicting
with the write ordering constraints reiserfs has.

However, that should (because of kupdate/kflushd) only
result in somewhat longer system stalls and a lot of kswapd
cpu usage, and only in situations where system activity is
very heavy and very strange...


"What you're running that piece of shit Gnome?!?!"
-- Miguel de Icaza, UKUUG 2000

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