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SubjectRe: Meaning of blk_size
Daniel Phillips:

>>> After staring at the block device code for, um, quite a long time, I
>>> came to the conclusion that blk_size stores one less than the number of
>>> 512 byte blocks on a device. Is this true?


>> Um, slight revision: they wouldn't be blocks, they'd be 'sectors', and
>> there is a magic shift-by-one in the code I'm looking at, implying 256
>> byte units.


Why don't you ask your real question, instead of coming
with such vague ..

> That was *really* unhelpful, thanyou.

> Could I please have a definition of the quantity that blk_size
> stores and what units it uses.

Let me quote ll_rw_blk.c:

* blk_size contains the size of all block-devices in units of
* 1024 byte sectors


[you sounded as if you noticed a discrepancy somewhere - so I expected:
foo.c uses this in line 123 but bar.c uses that in line 666.]
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