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SubjectCorruption on database
We're currently in the process switching our SAP R/3 systems over to linux.
Database is SAPDB (former ADABAS). The size is about 125 GB. For storing RAW
DEVSPACES are used (2 x RAID-5, 1 x RAID-1).

We have problems with the database under high I/O load. The kernel doesn't
report any hardware error (sync problems or the like) but the database often
dumps with signal 11 doing a 'BAD DATA PAGE' on the RAW device what implies
a full recover.

Used is kernel 2.2.16-22SAPenterprise, a 'special' kernel from Redhat with
some patches (Bigmem, semaphores, LFS etc.).

Just curious if there are any known issues with RAW devices that are bigger
than 2 GB and their behaviour under high/very high load. Due to the fact,
that we have this problem on two nearly identical machines I assume that
there's no hardware problem with the controller.

The used hardware is Compaq ProLiant 5500 with 1.8 GB of RAM and 3way P-II
450 Xeon.

Any comments are welcome.



Markus Doehr AUBI Baubeschlaege GmbH
SAP R/3 Basis Zum Grafenwald
Tel: +49 6503 917 152 D-54411 Hermeskeil
Fax: +49 6503 917 190 e-mail:
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