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SubjectRe: Soft-Updates for Linux ?

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I'm wondering if there are any plans to bring Kirk McKusick's "Soft-Updates"
> > to Linux in 2.5 ??? Kirk has recently modified his licence (friendlier).
> > I could only find some noncomittal postings on LKML from 1997.
> I think everyone is planning to go the whole way - that is to use full
> journalled file systems - reiserfs, ext3, xfs, jffs, ibm jfs, .. whatever

Not everyone. S-u is not a subset of journalling and IMNSHO it's way
cleaner. Kirk's code can't be directly ported - too different VFS behind
it, but the concept is sound and well-explored (thanks to Kirk). It can be
implemented right now, but I hate to introduce the third patch with large
VM changes - 3-way merge (VM parts of s-u/ext3/reiserfs) will suck rocks
through the straw. Let's wait until VM infrastructure will be in place.

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