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Subjectserial driver problems?
I am lost for an answer to this problem.

I have a Banksia iTra8 8 port internal ISA modem card (UART 16654) for dial
up access. To get the modem card to work I was told to replace serial.c and
SerialP.h from 2.2.x kernel source (used 2.2.14-12) and compile a kernel.
Some problems are occuring detailed below. Could problems be caused by a bug
in the replacement serial.c? The version numbers in the orignal and
replacement serial.c match so I don't know.

Users can dial in and ppp is initiated using mgetty+sendfax. PAP
authentication is used. Users are able to ping and traceroute through the
modem link into a LAN and also across another modem link to the internet.
Thay are also able to connect and logon to telnet, ftp and POP servers and
DNS works. However they can't use HTTP(netscape and ie) for the internet
just for the web site on the dialin server and MS Outlook Exchange client.

Telnet sessions from LAN also lock up after a while.
When sniffing on the network a connection appears to be made for the HTTP to
the foreign HTTP server but no data is sent.

Maybe a diagram would help

<- Internet +------+ +-------------+
-------------| MASQ | | PPP Server |
| Linux|-- LAN --| One web site|----Dialin clients
+------+ +-------------+

Do you need any files? I am unclear on which files to send you guys. Who is
the maintainer of the serial code?

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