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SubjectRe: Corruption on database
> We have problems with the database under high I/O load. The kernel doesn't
> report any hardware error (sync problems or the like) but the database often

It generally won't. PC's dont come with any kind of decent hardware error
checking in general. If you have ECC memory Dan Hollis has a daemon for
monitoring it, for non ECC memory things like memtest86 can help

> Used is kernel 2.2.16-22SAPenterprise, a 'special' kernel from Redhat with
> some patches (Bigmem, semaphores, LFS etc.).

You probably want to take this to a Red Hat list and Red Hat Bugzilla since
the extra stuff makes it tricky for folks working on a standard kernel to
look into. Also after the signal 11 check dmesg for an 'oops' entry.

> than 2 GB and their behaviour under high/very high load. Due to the fact,
> that we have this problem on two nearly identical machines I assume that
> there's no hardware problem with the controller.

Ok that is good evidence.

Can you put this in and it'll go in the right

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