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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
Hi Martin,
> WHAT? Are you nuts - they pay breed for many of the core kernel
> developers - I think if they didn't those would actually
> have entierly stopped working on Linux otherwise just after finishing
> scool and going into the real world out there. You can't hardly call
> this behaviour *demanging*!!! And then there is Alan himself!

Sure, and we do not have any demand for higly skilled, motivated kernel
developers ? If redhat wouldn't have employed then somebody else would
and maybe redhat wouldn't be in the situation of having access to their
knowledge and their support when it comes to really tricky solutions.

I don't think your point holds. They do not employ the developers out of
pure altruism. They have a knowledgetransfer and they can use that for
their support. They do earn their money with consulting. Or least to
say, that is where the real money should come from.


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