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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
According to Alan Cox:
> Remind me next time I get to deal with crap from VA customers because VA
> shipped unusable NFS patches and broken PIII FXSAVE code that I'd vetoed
> from RH kernels [...]

NFS and FXSAVE. Ouch. Well, let's set the stage for the future:

I'm doing kernel coordination for VA now. And I'm very careful not to
break things. I may make mistakes -- heck, I *will* make mistakes;
it's a big kernel, after all -- but I won't be negligent. I care
greatly about stability ... just ask anyone who was around for the
upgrade from Perl 5.3 to 5.4.

BTW, VA's current kernel-in-testing has Trond's (now your! :-)) NFS,
rock-solid NFSD from Neil Brown and Dave Higgen, and FXSAVE support
back-ported from 2.4. I hope to get much of VA's kernel-in-testing
patch set into mainline 2.2 ... keeping up with N/2 patches is 4x
easier than N. (Or at least it seems so.)
Chip Salzenberg - a.k.a. - <>
"I wanted to play hopscotch with the impenetrable mystery of existence,
but he stepped in a wormhole and had to go in early." // MST3K
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