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Subjectimplicit declaration of execve()

I am trying to call execve() from within fs/binfmt_elf.c. I am fairly
certain I am giving it the right arguments (ie. path,argv and envp). As an
example I am referring to the use of execve in kernel/kmod.c and
init/main.c. On kernel compilation I always get the error

"Warning: implicit declaration of execve()"

and at the end of the compilation:

fs/fs.o: undefined reference to execve.

which (AFAIK) means that it cannot find a declaration of execve. I am
including all the .h files that are included in kmod.c (ie
unistd,uaccess,smp_lock?, sched, etc) and yet I still get this error. Can
anyone shine a light on this for me?

I am not on the list, so a reply to this address would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


-= Daniel Walls - 4th Yr B. InfTech (Hon) UQ =-

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