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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18pre13, drm without agp
    Alan Cox <> writes:

    > 2.2.18pre2 (versus 2.2.17pre20)
    > o AGP driver backport (XFree86, Precision
    > DRM driver backport Insight, XiG, HJ Lu,
    > VA Linux,
    > and others)

    I have a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card, but when I activate DRM without AGP,

    # CONFIG_AGP is not set

    the linker complains about an undefined reference to agp_enable. The
    following patch works for me, but I don't know if it is the correct
    solution. (Even if it is, other drm drivers probably need similar

    This problem does not exist in 2.4.0-test8.

    Here is the patch:

    --- linux-2.2.18pre13/drivers/char/drm/tdfx_drv.c~ Sun Oct 1 10:46:36 2000
    +++ linux-2.2.18pre13/drivers/char/drm/tdfx_drv.c Sun Oct 1 11:38:25 2000
    @@ -34,12 +34,14 @@
    #include "drmP.h"
    #include "tdfx_drv.h"

    +#if defined(CONFIG_AGP) || defined(CONFIG_AGP_MODULE)
    #include <linux/agp_backend.h>

    static __attribute__((unused)) void unused(void)

    #define TDFX_NAME "tdfx"
    #define TDFX_DESC "3dfx Banshee/Voodoo3+"
    Peter Österlund Email:
    Sköndalsvägen 35
    S-128 66 Sköndal Home page:
    Sweden Phone: +46 8 942647

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