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SubjectRe: Announce: initrd-tftp 0.1 (Erik Andersen)  wrote on 08.01.00 in <>:

> Yes I ship the kernel source, but come on, Nobody is ever going to
> install the kernel source on the embedded system itself. That would be
> silly (and it wouldn't fit).
> Just adding binutils would double the size of my distribution, which
> is not acceptable thank you very much. Admins can cross compile apps
> and such for the embedded system on a separate host system (not on the
> embedded system itself -- it is too underpowered for that anyway). Full
> source is on the CD for doing just that. The reason it is called an
> "embedded system" and not "workstation" is that it has a very specific
> purpose, which doesn't involve being large or having binutils installed.

Well, so then why cannot the exact same method be used to create a new
kernel+initrd image?

> I'm being ridiculous of course,

So it sure looks.

MfG Kai

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