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SubjectRe: Announce: initrd-tftp 0.1
Jamie Lokier wrote:
> > -uniform ide patches (some of these embedded devices have the weirdest
> > ide chips, with strange
> > ide emulating flash)
> > -lm_sensors
> These seem like reasonable things to go in if they're ready.

lm_sensors (called plain 'sensors' within the kernel) is ready, but it
is quite a large patch (even when we only add those devices that are
rock stable), and Alan Cox told us, quite reasonably, that it would
be better to wait for the new 2.5 development tree. Now that the
biggest headache (the old i2c code) is removed (updated), it is
quite simple to do the patching (especially with our automatical-patch-
generating script, that generates a diff against any kernel).

Of course, if people decide it would be better to include it in
the 2.3 tree, we won't complain :-).


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