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SubjectRe: Determining address which caused SEGV
Jeff Dike <> writes:

> This is how I handle it. It requires no setup at handler
> registration time (not that I did on purpose, anyway).

You misunderstood my question.

I want to know what address was being accessed to cause the fault, not
the address of the faulting instruction. The information I am looking
for does not exist in the struct sigcontext, but it does exist in the
siginfo_t. See the man page for sigaction(2), particularly the
description of the si_addr field. Then examine the handling of the
si_addr field in the kernel sources under arch/m68k and compare with

Unless this information is just not available on the i386 architecture
(I do not know enough about it to be sure), I think this is a bug in
the kernel.

- Pat

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