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    SubjectRe: [NFS] NLM4 patches for 2.2.13
    > Saadia Khan wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > I have put up two more patches for nfsd3 and nlm4 support for 2.2.13 at
    > >
    > >
    > > nfsd3_nlm4_2.2.13.patch is for nfsd and nlm4 support based on Allen Morris's
    > > work along with nlm4 support.
    > > nlm4_linux2.2.13.patch is for just the nlm4 stuff.
    > So now it seems we have TWO different NFS3 knfsd server implementations: this
    > one and Neil Brown's??

    The nfsd3_nlm4_2.2.13.patch is a continuation of the nfsd3_2.2.10.patch which
    I put out earlier, ie for the 2.2.13 tree. Since I had already built the
    patch when Neil Brown's patch came out I put it out too, which was probably
    not the right thing to do since that work is now obsolete, sorry about that.

    The nlm4_linux2.2.13.patch contains the NLM4 server support not present in
    Neil Brown's patch and can be applied after applying his server patch.

    Sorry about the miscommunication.


    > Guys, this is hopeless! The status of Linux NFS is already greatly confused
    > and this just makes it worse. Could the various knfsd developers/owners
    > PLEASE get together and agree on what is to be the official version going
    > forward?
    > >From a brief look at the code, I see that the nfsd3_nlm4_2.2.13.patch still
    > has the old nfsfh.c code which leads to the infamous "Security: /// bad export"
    > bug, whereas Neil Brown's version has a major cleanup of this. So in that
    > respect at least, the Neil B. version seems more advanced...
    > I will try to do some testing over the next few days: but it would really help
    > if the developers could come to a concensus: the existence of "duelling
    > versions" is bad for everyone...
    > Dave Higgen

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