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SubjectRe: First draft list of 2.3.x "Things to fix"
On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Tony den Haan wrote:

>> >ext3 is not going in, but reiserfs might. Unlike ext3, raiserfs actually
>> >has gotten a lot of real-world testing: SuSE seems to be using it in
>> >production environments with good results. It's still 2.2.x-based, so it
>> >may not make it, but it is at least a potential thing.
>huh? i've been using both for a while now, both feel good.

Again, Linus has stated it has not had enough testing, and the
author doesn't claim it to be ready by far. The author is the
one who will decide to send it to Linus, and if he doesn't think
it is ready, and Linus doesn't, then no user comment will change

>a journaling reiser is not (much) faster than ext3,

I can't comment on this as I've not tried either yet.
I downloaded reiserfs a month or so ago but didn't use it due to
the poor wording and ambiguity of the licence document. Since
then I understand the Licence has been fixed up, and is all hunky
dory. I very much look forward to testing reiserfs now, and hope
it is stable enough, and can be shoved into 2.3. If not though,
no problem waiting...

>but seems easier to implement/maintain since it's ext2 based.
>they both recovered nicely after crashes.

I think the level of testing that Linus is refering to is
WIDESPREAD testing by LOTS of people on various hardware
configurations with and without SMP, with and without the various
different levels of RAID, and also on busy systems that take a

Some regression testing that is..

>does this mean "forget ext3"? can't they coexist? does fine here

No, I doubt it means that at all. It means "ext3 is not going
into 2.3, and reiserfs just might go into 2.3". In the 2.5
development cycle both will likely be in. If 2.4 comes out in
May or June as I suspect it will, devel on 2.5 will likely start
in Aug/Sept. In the mean time if ext3 or any other FS's
stabilize to the point of inclusion, and don't touch anything
other than themselves, I'm sure Linus will add them to later
versions of 2.4. That is how QNX got in, as well as other stuff
in the past. The 2.2.14 kernel in fact just added some new
driver for some telephony device...

Take care,

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