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SubjectRe: (*(unsigned long *)&jiffies)++;
On Thu, 06 Jan 2000, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> 1 movl foo,%eax ! Get it
> 2 leal 1(%eax),%edx ! bump it by one
> 3 movl %edx,foo ! write it back
> 4 movl foo,%eax ! Then do something dumb
> 5 movl foo,%edx ! Then do something dumb again
> 6 pushl %edx
> 7 pushl $.LC0
> 8 call printf
> 9 addl $8,%esp

This is the correct behaviour the code must follow.
Even if it has just stored the value in foo ( 3 ) and even it can think that
the value is %edx is the last one, the volatile keyword force a reload in 5.
The step 4 is not clear for me !
IMVHO doing a jiffies++ or (*(unsigned long *)&jiffies)++ is exactly the same
thing in this case.
I mean that :

incl jiffies


movl jiffies, %eax
incl %eax
movl %eax, jiffies

does not introduce worse issues in SMP.
Sure the volatile keyword avoid the compiler to optimize :

movl jiffies, %eax
incl %eax


movl %eax, jiffies

As a general rule I suggest to introduce any tricks that can solve speed or
code optimization issues where there's the need, avoiding them in caseless


"Debian, the freedom in freedom."

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